“The Pursuit of Happyness”. USA, 2006 .

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2006 film “The Pursuit of Happyness” – production of three American Motion Picture (Columbia Pictures Corporation, Overbrook Entertainment and Relativity Media).


Genre – biographical drama.

Directed by Gabriele Muccino, the script by Steve Conrad, based on the memoir of the same name by Chris Gardner and Quincy Trupp. Music by Andrea Guerra. Award NAACP Image Award in the category “Best Film” of 2007, and also a bonus Teen Choice Award in the nomination «Choice Movie: Drama” in 2007 Starring: Will Smith (Willard Carroll Smith, Jr.) and, in the film – a five-year son Jaden Smith (Jaden Christopher Smith Sayer)

Unusual Will Smith! Extremely solid acting job! Against the backdrop of the dramatic experiences of psychology – the extraordinary strength of character with its commitment, will and patience! And most importantly, humanity and generosity.


The beauty of this film lies in its truthfulness. This is not the standard to film a story of overcoming difficulties, which, after a sufficient period of disappointment, success is portrayed as a present on a saucer with a blue border. It is this history – a familiar story of our life in which the strong-willed person deliberately misses a banal adaptation possibilities in it for the sake of a desperate need for Success!


Whether the protagonist to reach his goal, what obstacles and frustration waiting for him along the way – watch and enjoy … I can only say that kid Jaden received for this role, his first Film Award “Best Breakthrough of the Year” from the MTV Movie Awards 2007! Will Smith – in the category Teen Choice Award «Choice Movie: Drama Actor” in 2007.

 Jaden Smith, Will Smith – in the category Teen Choice Award «Choice Movie: The best combination of actors.”  


Composer Andrew Guerra for his work in this film won the American Society of Composers, writers and publishers in the category of “Best Cash box office movies.”

I recommended for viewing!


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Sambuka Tour

The entire film can be described with the phrase: “Act, do not be afraid to go forward to the target!”
The film is based on real events; Will was able to simply and naturally to show that that’s how it happened. Not in the least to be false! Bravo!

We used to see Will Smith as the such a fun and humorous, charming and somewhat adventurous, even dashing guy. In this film he will appear before the audience in a very different role. First of all, Will is revealed in it as deep and dramatic actor. Yes, it is a deep and dramatic! With the piercing depth of experience, love, suffering and enormous patience …
Oh, how powerful actor transferred the power of desire!


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