30-40-year-olds do not really understand that they do not shine no pension in Ukraine!

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It is unfortunate, but the majority of the thirty-forty-year-old Ukrainian citizens do not even think about the fact that no benefit to them and does not shine in the country where the fertility rate (the so-called fertility) no more than one or two units, and all those who It collects at least some capital, seeking to go abroad!

This progressive political analysts claim, insisting that in the community, rather than impose a twelve-year education, it would be better to enter into the school curriculum a special task in arithmetic. A task: in 2035 Ukraine’s population will be approximately thirty million, fifteen of them – it’s old, five – small children and only ten million adult able-bodied people.

You want to calculate, at least hypothetically, the required minimum size of pensions for fifteen million pensioners who have them to provide these same ten million adults of working age, provided that they are other than themselves should also feed five million children!

Thus, all at once it becomes clear what the size should be the salary of the average Ukrainian worker in 2035 in order to support their dependents and somehow to exist.

In principle, any State having such an exorbitant social burden, can not meet its primary basic functions without external workforce! Keep in mind that there are also a variety of adverse demographic, environmental and other factors. So, just imagine what will happen to our country, where the number of able-bodied people suddenly has at times reduced and by 2035 the figure will be in two or even three times lower ?!

It is this need to constantly tell our fellow citizens! Moreover, in all television and radio broadcasts, all “shusterlayv” and “freedom of speech” or other similar shows, which usually feed noodles and tales about milk and honey, or create a new Ukrainian paradise! The country, confidently holds the first place in the rate of extinction in the world, simply must not lie to myself, but at least something to start doing for the future! We must finally recognize that soon we will get dysfunctional, unproductive and endangered most, unsecured no food, nor the minimum subsistence resource. Unless, of course, in principle, Ukraine wants to live!

It’s time to see the light! After all, after some twenty years, our simple Ukrainian pensioner will stand on his knees, getting calloused palms of land edible roots, having no objective support for the pension … Stop constantly dwell in the clouds, dreaming of an imaginary abundance because cunning Volodya  Groisman of the Verkhovna Rada of encouraging states that every Ukrainian pensioner is entitled to a subsidy or any benefits, or take over, the grocery pack for the New Year and Easter!

Oh, God, save Ukraine!

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