Concert “Brutto & Lyapis” in Cherkassy. Patriotic punk rock. Video-fhoto report.

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The concert was held on June 5 in Cherkasy at the Central Stadium.

It sounded punk rock with its rampant energy of the spirit of freedom. Below you can search your photo and remember how it was hot then …

This style is opposed to the pomposity of pop rock. As a rule, punk bands recorded short, very dynamic songs with sharp melodies and strong vocals, minimal set of equipment, as well as social and politicized texts directed against the establishment.

At such concerts, a special powerful energy that unites people not only with a musical drive, but also a semantic filling of texts.
This time Sergei Mikhalk’s band brought a new concert program “Rodney Krai”.
It was part of a large-scale tour that will take place in Ukraine, as well as in Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, the USA and Canada.

Group BRUTTO only two years, but during this time the punk rock revolutionaries have made a real sensation in the world. In Russia and Belarus “for excessive love of freedom” the group is completely banned, and in all other countries on the contrary – it has millions of fans. In support of BRUTTO and other groups that are unlawfully persecuted, Pink Floyd leader David Gilmore, Ukrainian “Boombox” and many other stars performed in London in autumn.

BRUTTO itself is called the “adult”, “a brigade of revolutionary frenzy and creative Otpor named Ornella Muti,” the “underground team”.

They are heart-warming guys who, as a single monolithic organism, burst into our souls, urging them to strive for new heights. The video compiles fragments of hits from the new-album “Native Land” and “Underdog”.

In the performance of Mikhalka and his gross comrades, the songs “Warriors of the Light”, “Harry”, “The Ball”, “Iron”, “Underdog”, “Giri”, “Cheerful”, “Garaze”, “Dance!”, Play “,” Rabkor “,” Kapital “,” Budzei the Bold “, English-speaking” I Get Wet “,” Sacred Fire “,” Prospero “,” Ernesto’s Order “,” Moscow Calling “,” Black Hundred “, and hits Group “Lyapis Trubetskoy”: “Golden Antelope”, “Au”, “Golden Fish”, “Empire of Good”, “Mr. Loch”, “I Believe”, “Fresh Wind” and others.


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