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Our instincts are control programs, “installed” in the lower divisions (more correctly, not even the brain, but the nervous system) and serving one single goal – survival.

It is this localization of instincts that is accepted because, simultaneously with the evolution of a biological object, the evolution of its nervous system took place: initially it was the stem of the spinal cord, and the most ancient control programs were recorded on it.

(By the way, is this the trunk associated with the ancient serpent – the cause of the so-called fall of the first man?)






Accordingly, later instincts that serve other purposes are stored in the higher parts of the nervous system and they appear differently than the ancient, chthonic (personifying wild natural power) instincts.

The higher parts of the nervous system, they are also higher in terms of their location, since they are located at the highest point of the trunk, and by their significance, they are also higher.

Going deeper into the world of instincts, in view of the great diversity of the latter and the complexity of objectifying their manifestations, is not advisable in a short note.







In addition, most people are simply not yet ready to identify their behavior with the activities of instincts, but the informational component and objective criticism of their own unconditional (instinctive) reactions could already be a good start for personal transformation (transformation) from an animal to a person.

Vladimir Kikot

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• Бернард Шоу


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