Car rental from “AVIS” company. Exercise scheme in action

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Attention those who are planning to use the services of the “AVIS” car rental at the Bratislava airport .
“AVIS” offered a new concept of customer service. I used car rentals many times in different countries, but faced such a situation for the first time. About the concept of “AVIS” in Bratislava:
I ordered the car online, having pre-paid for it. At the airport, I wanted to pay full insurance, in order to avoid the problem of “possible scratches”. But employee of the company stated firmly “We provide no such services. We do not offer full insurance”. This has never happened to me at any car rental. Despite the fact that the rental fees have already been paid in advance and no money would be returned, I was forced to agree to the terms of the company “AVIS”.
I returned the car on time, pre-loaded with a full tank. At the airport, the company representative examined the car, but he refused to accept it: “Your car in the dust and we will be able to accept it only after I wash it and see if there are any new scratches of your fault.” I knew that no accidents took place, so I immediately offered to wash the car, make sure everything is in order and “close the deal”. But the employee said they’ll do it either tonight or tomorrow. That is, without my presence, for I had to leave in an hour and a half. Such thing never happened to me, neither in other cities of Europe nor in the USA. On my objection, officer responded cynically and rude: “It’s your problem, you can stay if you want”. Of course, I flew home, but as soon as the plane landed, I received an e-mail: “We examined your car, found new scratches, and charge you for 150 euros from your deposit for the repair.” All my appeals and complaints to the central office remained unanswered, and the money was withdrawn. I can only “be thankful” that there were only scratches, because nothing prevented them from “finding” broken lights and torn wheel. So that is a pretty simple extortion scheme. Therefore, I suggest those who want to use the services of the company “AVIS”, especially in, but not limited to, Bratislava, to think well before doing it. It was a very humiliating experience. Never again.

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