Dead City Kaya Kay /music Boris Shumsky/

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One of the most memorable and highly recommended by me hiking!

I emphasize – on foot! After all, the only way to fully absorb the fascinating picture of the Dead of the city, which drown eyes, barely getting off the mountain trail …

Haunted Kaya Kay on a hilly slope, where there is often heard bells grazing domestic goats from what impression becomes more shrill sad.

After a fabulously quaint mountain trail, the reward for the effort and missed at the dinner you suddenly opens a fantastic view of the remains of the Greek city Karmelessos.

Around 1400 AD. Sad story of mass ethnic persecution after the First World War and earthquakes in the ’50s I omit. More than 3,000 residential buildings, monasteries, churches and chapels, some pharmacies and schools – all subjected to the influence of time and has become quite a unique place of pilgrimage for tourists.

While government agencies plan to restore this place and make it a symbol of friendship between Turkey and Greece, inquisitive tourist has the opportunity to plunge into the picturesque atmosphere of desolation, a walk through the narrow stone streets against the backdrop of mountain scenery and to include the imagination, to revive the ghost town …


Thanks to the skills video operator and unique author’s music creates a feeling of real presence in the world many centuries ago.

History comes to life on the streets you can see the inhabitants of this city, and the air was immediately filled with the sounds – the hubbub of voices and laughter of children playing, birds chirping, and more – distant noise of the surf …

Imagination sweeping pictures from the past – battle thousands of troops; sumptuous feasts in honor of the coronation of the next ruler; intrigues and conspiracies; secret meetings of lovers in the gardens; Love Serenade and dedicated the poem out loud …

Birth and death, joy and sorrow, old tears and laughter carefree child … life of past generations!

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Чудесная Музыка!!! ☻♦☻♦♣

Sambuka Tour

Yes, but not only music is beautiful … Remarkable images of artistic description, plunging us into the history of bygone times!


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