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Such a turn of events is more than possible, because everything goes to this to one degree or another

– Here, please, is your coupon, – the android girl with a sweet smile handed me a plastic card of the recycling procedure with a graceful symbol of eternal life painted on it – a Lotus flower.
– We are waiting for you in three days.

“It’s a mistake,” I said, hiding my hands behind my back, as if renouncing the coupon would change my mind.

“No, that’s right,” the robot confirmed kindly.
– There will be enough money in your account to pay rent for three nights and a minimum set of products. Then your existence is unprofitable.

– I can live with a friend! – I blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

– If you have blood relatives or other persons who can guarantee payment for the bills for your needs, then you must inform their contacts. If there is confirmation of sponsorship, the decision will be reviewed immediately.

I looked with hatred at the polite plastic mask. Of course, her mischief came to me, how can this robot know that I have no relatives, and the last friend was disposed of a year ago ?!

And without that it lasted quite a long time, but you can’t escape fate …

In general, you will not run away from the population control service. You need to come to them every month to assess whether a citizen is able to pay for the resources he consumes. And from the age of fifty – every week!

There is nothing you can do here, someday this day would still come. At the end of the year I was about to turn sixty …
Unfortunately, it will not be possible to celebrate the anniversary.

– You have the right to choose any form of procedure, – the android girl sweetened the pill. – Gas, injection or physical exposure.

“Let them cut off my head!” I laughed nervously.

– This form of recycling is not provided – it is not humane – almost without a pause indifferently declared this long-haired doll. – You can not indicate the choice now, but announce your decision immediately before the procedure.


– Please, just do not say “death from aging”, this option is also not possible, in addition, the system may hang – whispered someone’s voice behind me. – I’ll have to wait until it reboots, and I’d like to be home by noon.

I turned around, the voice sounded too cheerful and positive! Usually visitors leave the fun on the doorstep of this institution. Even those who are able to pay for their existence are not in a good mood.

Behind me, in line for automatic control, stood a smiling lady ten years older than me.
Surprisingly! She did not try to mask her age, nor did she even dye her hair. Probably can not afford to work. After all, if you do not look young enough – no one will offer you a job. Probably, this woman was lucky with sponsors. Most likely, children.

Eh, they told me in due time: give birth if you want to live longer. When you don’t have the strength to work, the children will take care of it.

However, it’s lucky … One of my friends gave birth to three, a lot of resources were spent on them. And when her income fell to a critical minimum, the descendants withdrew from sponsorship. Neither the father of those children nor she herself managed to prolong her life.

Refusal to pay for someone else’s resources is a legitimate private right. My friend has been disposed of for five years, her husband – even earlier.

Men have a lower income level – loans are rarely approved. Therefore, they prefer not to spend on treatment, and immediately order recycling so as not to suffer.

I spent my last loan on vaccination against a new strain of flu. Only fell ill all the same. Almost six months have passed, but I still feel weak all over my body. Either the vaccine has expired, or the virus has mutated again and the advertised universal vaccine against it has lost its effectiveness. Doctors are constantly complaining about the lack of full-fledged clinical trials, there is simply not enough time for this.

The health scanner does not allow you to return to work, and there is no money for medicine. Vicious circle.

I twisted in my hands a fragile and so perfect in its inevitability coupon to death and could not believe that all this is happening to me.

– Please receive a personal invitation for disposal. We are waiting for you in two days, – the android announced to the lady who changed me at the counter.

“Thank you,” she replied politely. – But I want to use the right to submit a request to the Council for consideration regarding the appointment of assistance to me at public expense.

– Yes, of course, please, name the reason for the address?

– I am an original artist, I am currently painting a picture that will become a national heritage.

My curiosity overcame my despair and I froze in anticipation.

After recognizing the disposal procedure as an economically feasible standard for those who consume more resources than they are able to produce, no new works of art have been created. The authorities proposed a program to revive the national culture, which provided for the weakening of creative professions for people.

So, in front of me is the master of the brush!

– Please provide a sample work.

The woman laid out a picture in a protective transparent case on the rack in front of the android. I could not resist and came closer. It was an ordinary still life: a jug of flowers, some fruit on the table. These are drawn during lessons in elementary school.

Nothing masterpiece or even original. In addition, one of the walls of the jug was oblique, and the fruit rather resembled shapeless spots. The lady, noticing my interest, winked.

– It is necessary to organize a commission that will assess the artistic significance of the canvas, – announced the android. – The maximum term for consideration of state aid is four weeks. At this time you are provided with material support …

Receiving a new card, the woman went to the exit with a satisfied smile, and I, like a rabbit after a boa constrictor, ran after her.

– How did you do it? – I asked when we went outside.

– This is a robot that works according to the instructions laid down in the program, – the “artist” smiled.

– But the commission will include art critics. They will understand that your painting is by no means a masterpiece of national heritage!

– Yes, but in four weeks I will be in another city and show another android a portrait of my dog. I’m sure he will also claim public recognition …. in general, I expect to live to eighty years. We will see there, maybe then I myself will become a national heritage – the oldest inhabitant of the country!

Unless, ‘she said with a friendly smile,’ now you want to compete with me! – then we will shoot together in social ads! Like, only decent people have the right to a long life! Support the program of utilization of unprofitable citizens and so on.

Laughing, she went to the bus stop.

I stood for a few more minutes, admiring this clever woman, and then hurried home. Somewhere I had an unfinished poem!
When I worked, I never finished it. Finally, it’s time for creativity …

Author – Irina Pershina 

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