The second life of Uwe. Contemporary Swedish cinema. Expert’s recommendation.

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(En man, som heter Ove) – A new work by a marvelous Swedish actor, Rolf Holger Lassgard

Director and screenwriter Hannes Holm shot the best seller of the modern Swedish writer, Eric Beckman, and, in the history of Swedish cinema, this tape became the third in number of views!

The protagonist had the good fortune to fall in love with the girl who knew the whole depth of his feelings even before he himself fully realized them …

Opinion: a light home warm film with a simple storyline, elegant inspirational-like phrases like “nothing was before her and nothing will be after her …”, “this is life …” etc., a sad philosophical fullness And the great music of Gaut Stora, which sounds aesthetically, gently, always to the place …

There is a small surplus of lyrical sentimentality: for contrast, it would be worthwhile to dilute it, for example, Slavic extreme creativity, then such enrichment of the character of the protagonist, when “cuckoo pliers” – would obviously benefit the picture.

But, in general – the film is strong: a mood is created, there is a good qualitative aftertaste …

I recommend to view. /By the way, unlike the 2022 film directed by Mark Forster “A man called Otto”, Swedish is more harmonious! There is a clear opposition between European culture and stereotyped American culture. Forster’s film is accompanied by primitive passages a la american culture, the impressions from which are not smoothed out even by the unique performance of the actor Hanks./

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